Redline IIA Astroline IR Conversion kit

The Redline IIA Infra Red Foul Light Conversion Kit from Joystick Scoring Limited makes fixing your Brunswick Astroline Tel-E-Foul foul lights a Snap.

The Redline IIA Infra Red Conversion Kit is an Economical, Fast and Easy Astroline Tel-E-Foul Conversion that breathes new life into your old foul lights giving you better than original performance with reliable Infrared technology.  Get rid of the old beam bulbs and photocells.

You can use the existing foul buzzer or the new Piezoelectric Bell.

A convenient switch lets you select either AMF or Brunswick digital scoring connections.

Individual lane sensors make setup and alignment faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


Need to know more? Download the complete installation manual here!

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